Mast Removal

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Mast Removal

Post by bobdelia »

I am going to remove my mast for inspection and replacement of windvane. Any advice? Where are the connections? I am told by Catalina that they are either in the bilge or in the mast/compression pole. I'd appreciate any insights from someone who's done it. Thanks, Bob "AndiRose" Hull #020

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Re: Mast Removal

Post by R.B. »

I remove my mast every year. The connections are under the board, under the sink in the head. disconnect all of the wires, attach a string or line that gets pulled up the compression tube so you can pull the wires back down the tube when you re-step the mast. I also space any of the connectors and tape the wires together so that your wire bundle is as thin as possible to get into the compression tube. The hole is quite tight.

Once you have the mast attached to the crane, remove the pins from all the stays, have someone hang onto the roller furling, lift the mast about 1 ft and then pull the wires up through the mast step, undo the string from the wires and attach the end to the mast step, coil the wires and shove them into the base of the mast, lift the mast the rest of the way off of the boat.

FYI: Once on the ground, if you want to lift the mast horizontally, on our in mast furling the balance point of the mast is just around the steaming light.

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Re: Mast Removal

Post by Mark Sutherland »

Great post, great info Ralph. Thank you.
Mark Sutherland,
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