Security Camera Systems for C350

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Security Camera Systems for C350

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Have a need for Security Camera system for a C350 with the ability to view combined 360 degree footage from 1-2 cameras. remotely and cameras mounted high enough to view from the perimeter to the center of the boat from the waterline up. The systems I've found thus far work well on powerboats, where cameras can be mounted semi-permanently-in that are mounted in spring and removed at winter haul-out. Seems the only place high enough to mount cameras for the duration of the Chicago boating season that also clear the sails when unfurled is the top of the mast, which already has the vane and other stuff on it, without extra room.

Any recommendations and experience with this type of anti-theft/security systems that monitor the key aspects of a C350 while moored at a slip within a floating dock harbor configuration?
Teri Weber
Teri Weber
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